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How to travel in Malta

Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world – so you would imagine that getting around it is easy! But it’s not to be underestimated, and you will need to plan your journeys if you hope to take in all the brilliant sights and attractions on offer.

The local bus system may not be the most reliable one in the world, but it is convenient, well-priced and will get you from A-B. There are many bus stops in Sliema, effortlessly connecting you to many other parts of the island – north and south. Just down the road from us there are no less than five bus stops, all going to different parts of Malta. And while some buses do go directly between particular towns or villages, must routes start in Valletta, so it’s easy to get the ferry from Sliema to the capital and then to choose the bus to your destination. The Sliema ferry stop is just a short walk from Two Pillows, making this an easy option for connecting to other parts of the island.

There are also a number of ferries that operate around Malta; aside from the one between Sliema and Valletta, there is another from Valletta to the Three Cities, one from Circewwa to Comino, and another from Circewwa to Gozo. Ferries make from a great alternative to road travel, as you get to see the islands from a completely different vantage point.

Finally, while it’s not recommended to hail taxis in Malta, cabs are quick and easy to call. Most journeys are reasonably priced at around €20 – although it’s best to book ahead, especially during busy periods. At Two Pillows, we’re happy to book a cab for you to suit your itinerary, so do please ask at Reception.   

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